PBS: Poly(butylene succinate)

PBS: Poly(butylene succinate)

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PBS is an aliphatic thermoplastic polyester typically produced from petrochemical feedstock, but can also be produced from bio-based ones. Its starting materials are 1,4-butanediol and succinic acid.

PBS has good biodegradability and impact toughness, excellent processability, good elongation at break, and good heat resistance. The temperature of PBS materials ranges from 30 C to 100 C. It has low flexural strength and modulus and, as such, can be blended with PLA to optimise its properties. 

  • Applications:

    Agriculture & Horticulture

    Fibres & Textiles

    Medical & Healthcare


  • Processing:


    Injection Molding

  • Mechanical and Thermal:

    Young's Modulus (MPA): 268.0

    Elongation at Break (%): 175.2

    Tensile Strength (MPA): 24.8

    Tm (°C): 115.8 - 146.5

    Tg (°C): - 36.6 - 33

    Td5% (°C): 353

  • Available Agency Ratings (Grade-Dependent):

    ASTM D6400

    DIN EN 13492

    EC 1907/2006 (REACH)

    EU 10/2011

    FDA 21 CFR 175.300


  • Appearance:




  • Forms: