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We believe that equity, diversity and inclusion are critical to delivering our mission and leading us beyond net zero. We recognise and celebrate the uniqueness of our people and partners. One of our core aims is to promote greater equity, diversity and inclusion across our workforce, our customers and our supply chain.  We’re driven by a responsibility to do things differently and to foster a fairer workplace. Not just because it’s better for our business, but because it’s the right thing to do.


Emnandi believes our people are the reason we succeed, and feel that it is imperative to our success that we foster a safe environment where all employees can thrive. Our objective is to build an environment in which:

  • Every member of our team can feel valued and empowered, regardless of who they are.

  • Everyone is challenged equally and has the same expectations and opportunities, regardless of their position or title.

  • All members are encouraged to participate without fear, where all opinions matter.

  • All our personal have a wealth of support to call on when they need it.

If we are successful in creating this environment, we believe we will hold an organization of empowered, creative and ambitious individuals capable of helping us change the world.

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