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Sustainability consists of meeting the demands of the current generation without compromising future generations, all the while addressing societal progress and improving humanity's quality of life, finding the balance between economic growth, environmental care and social well-being.

As a sustainable business, we strive to have a positive effect on the environment, community and economy. We are dedicated to the circular economy and providing low carbon footprint product choices, driving innovative, sustainable and environmentally responsible products which offer a host of end-of-life options when recycling cannot take place. 


The production of bioplastics typically results in lower greenhouse gas emissions and requires less energy. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the manufacturing process and logistics chain to further reduce the fossil fuel dependency and the impact carbon emissions have on the environment.


Many bioplastics are classified as 100% bio-sourced, derived from renewable resources such as corn, sugar cane and bacteria. Biodegradable products can either be naturally broken down by microbial organisms in the environment or they can be home or industrially composted. Bioplastics break down much faster than traditional fossil fuel-based plastics and break down into their base elements such as carbon dioxide, water, and organic material that is not harmful to the environment. All the products we develop can either be chemically or mechanically recycled.


Sustainable development is an ally of the circular economy which focuses on reducing, reusing, recycling and renewing. The circular economy includes technologies that enhance energy efficiency, reduces waste and reduces the carbon footprint. We strive to use the earth's limited resources in a sustainable way that can minimise environmental impact and ensure future generations inherit a healthy and resource rich world.


Compost remaining after bio-plastic biodegradation to remain high quality with limited residual unstable materials. 
Home compostability - OK Compost Home
Industrial compostability - EN13432
Under industrial composting conditions, a PLA bottle can decompose in 30 days.

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