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Products made from Bioplastics


The Gattinoni Haute Couture collection is oriented towards the search for a new equilibrium between man and nature. Guillermo Mariotto’s nature-loving credo is “I chose the environment and nature over a fashion that is increasingly aware of business and not particularly oriented towards the future”. His latest creation is the kaftano “Obama”. His face is completely hand painted on a dress made with Ingeo, plant based fibre.
Guillermo Mariotto for Gattinoni Couture.

Gattinoni Kaftano Obama.jpg


This brand offers highly coloured, glossy, airbrushed, leather covered, or decorated motorbike, bicycle and ski helmets. Fashion Helmet offers a new capsule collection of products covered in Ingeo calendered cloth which, being plant based, is an environmentally friendly fibre, together with models covered in vegetable dyed and tanned leather produced by Conceria Tre Effe.

Fashion Helmet.jpg


Designer and brand manager of the line of ladies’ footwear that bears his name, Riccardo Rizieri Broglia is specialised in the field of industrial design. A brand new addition to his latest collection is characterised by innovative ‘zero impact’ models, made in calendered Ingeo, plant based fabric that has all the delicacy of silk to the touch. This collection reveals at its heart a balance between glamour and innovative materials that is as rare as it is precious.

Rizieri Zero Impact Shoe.jpg


Saint Maclou has been the first one to sell this ecological carpet in its shops which the final uses are garden and residential. As a real ecological alternative to traditional carpets made from oil, these new eco-carpets show similar performance and qualities such as comfort, aspect, hand, maintenance, and sound isolation... They are made of Ingeo fibres which come from 100% annually renewable resources (plants), and not oil. These Ingeo fibres are then extruded, transformed into a textile web, and back coated. The finished product, is thus environmental-friendly and recyclable.

Saint Maclou.jpg


Pietra is the first commercial modular carpet made with Ingeo polymer, an innovative core and sheath fibre system. Utilising the first 100% recycled content backing, Pietra contains 45-59% recycled content and 10% post consumer content by total product weight. Pietra is 100% closed loop recyclable and warranted for 15 years in a commercial application. Pietra was chosen as the first Tandus Flooring style with the Ingeo technology because of its design influence that allows it to play well in all market segments.

Tandus Pietra.jpg


​​By adopting the Ingeo mat products, Toyota benefits from the unique environmental advantages of a fibre made
from plants, not oil. This adoption of new floor mats exemplifies Toyota’s belief that the use of environmentally friendly materials is equally important as design and product performance. Now, the new Prius adds to biobased materials by offering optional floor mats (deluxe type) using an advanced Ingeo fibre system.​

Toyota Bioplastic floor mats.jpg


It is the first disposable diaper made of Ingeo fibres and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified. The lining, core and waterproof outer are free of harmful chemicals and made from sustainable resources. Unlike most disposable diapers, BioDiapers™ are free of fragrance, dyes, plastics or chlorine. Assuring safe for baby with the absence of harmful substances, the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is a globally uniform testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production.



Developed by a mom,
100% Natural & Renewable, 100% Compostable where facilities exist, Chemical Free, Chlorine Free. Significantly less fossil fuel resources than traditional petroleum. Elements Naturals® baby wipes are designed with both babies and the environment in mind. Made entirely from Ingeo fibres, the world’s first man-made fibre created from plants; the wipes are free of chemical additives or surface treatments and their production requires significantly less fossil fuel resources than traditional petroleum based materials.​​

baby wipes.jpg
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